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There is more to life than BRIDGE… There is BELOTE too!

Play belote

Bridge is very entertaining but also mentally challenging. Why not take advantage of this new year for expanding your horizons and discovering a new mind game?

Discover FunBelote, our new belote app for smartphones and tablets available on iOS and Android! This is a great game for you to enjoy by yourself, as a family or with friends while staying warm and safe at home.

💡 Tip: sign up with your FUN account! (i.e. the username and email address you already use on Funbridge)

Four game modes and exclusive features!


Progress at your own pace with the help of the AI system.


Play live with your friends or other players.


Challenge your friends in duplicate format as on Funbridge. This game mode is exclusive to FunBelote !


Same deals for all participants and international rankings. This game mode is exclusive to FunBelote !

Lancelot, always available to play

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced belote player, our AI system “Lancelot” has been programmed to adapt to your playing level. Indulgent at the Beginner level but demanding at the Master one!

Lancelot is also replacing missing competitors at the table in the Multiplayer mode.

“Easy for bridge players!”

We are thrilled to invite you to be among the first to try out FunBelote. If you share our enthusiasm after playing, spread the word!

Follow this link to (re)discover the rules of belote. And if you already play bridge, belote will soon no longer be a mystery to you!

Charlotte Achille & Clément Corvisy

FunBelote Project Managers.

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