2013 team championship: final stages

The 4th quarter of the team championship ended yesterday and we now know the last four teams qualified for the finals!

Here there are: Magics blaireauxTeam DeutschlandArmada et Adour toujours.

They join the 12 already qualified teams from the previous quarters:

Qualified of the 1st Quarter : NormaleCidade Invictales journalistes, et Valence
Qualified of the 2nd Quarter : Le club des cinqLes requinsPoland5, et Bridge Poker team
Qualified of the 3rd Quarter : pologne hurepoix 1Just for funSTOP 7SALes cartophiles.

More information about the team championship on the FunBridge website: Team Championship 2013.

Congratulations and good luck to all 16 teams! The finals will be tight!

Finals: rules

• Procedure and dates

The 16 qualified teams will compete in a knockout tournament (like a tennis tournament).

The tournament starts in eighths of final.

As for the previous four rounds, each round of the final tournament (eighths, quarters, semi, final) takes place over a week from Friday 10am to Thursday 10am.

The tournament bracket and the 16 teams’ distribution will be done randomly.

The tournament will begin on Friday January 3rd 2014 and will end on Thursday January 30th 2014.

There will be 4 weeks (4 rounds) for these finals:
1st week (eighths of finals): from Friday January 3 to Thursday January 9
2nd week (quarter finals): from Friday January 10 to Thursday January 16
3rd week (semi finals): from Friday January 17 to Thursday January 23
4th week (finals): from Friday January 24 to Thursday January 30

• How a match between team A and team B will go:

Each of the 5 players of team A will be confronted with one of the 5 players of team B.
A match between the two teams is equivalent to five games.

The handicap* of each player will define which player from team A will meet which player of team B.

Indeed, the player with the best handicap from team A will face the player with the best handicap from team B.
The player with the second best handicap from team A will face the player with the second best handicap from team B. And so on.

These games are composed of 20 deals with a By Pair ranking.
When a match is won by a player, he scores 1 point for his team.
The team with the most points wins the round and moves to the next round.

In case of draw, for example 2 points won by team A and by team B, the team with the best % on the 5 games played wins the round.
In case of new draw, the team winning the round is the one that has the lowest average handicap on the 5 games.