Our ambassador: Tom Drijver

ID Card

Tom Drijver

Nickname: He and his brother Bas are known as “Bus Drijver”

Nationality: Dutch

Style of play: Strategic

🏆Playing Record

  • Multiple Champion of the Netherlands – Youth
  • 2nd at Vienna European Youth Team Championships

🧠In Tom Drijver’s mind:

How did you get into bridge?

My father taught me when I was 10 years old. I’ve played a lot with my brother Bas, especially in the Juniors category, and we’ve enjoyed representing the Dutch Junior team. The Channel Trophy was one of the most pleasant tournaments we took part in. 

Which achievement are you most proud of?

Setting up bridge lessons in a week for the Dutch bridge federation to make bridge popular among young people.

What’s your best bridge memory?

A nice memory is when we played a tournament together, with the whole Drijver family. I was the most popular partner because my brothers were too competitive. Bob refused to play with Bas, so I did.

What’s your favourite game mode on Funbridge?

One-to-one challenges. It is quite exciting to get challenged by Jérôme Rombaut. 

The Expert’s anecdote:

Most of Tom’s family plays bridge. Of course, his brother and partner Bas, but also his other brother Bob, who revealed in an interview that he already made his opponents cry around the table during bridge games when he was younger.

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