The Summer tournament from 9 to 15 August

It’s summer! ☀️

As summer is in full swing, we are happy to invite you to our Summer Tournament on 9-15 August!

Our motto for this tournament: Fun – Conviviality – Accessibility! The idea is that every player should be able to enjoy playing and relax.

Many prizes like Funbridge Points and Diamonds are up for grabs!

The event is also a good fit for beginners! With 4 deals only per tournament instead of 6, it is ideal to have fun without pressure. Are you ready to give it a go? 🌴

💡 Key information about the tournament

Click the links below to find out more about the tournament and the numerous prizes you can win.

Summary :

1. The Summer Tournament schedule

2. How to participate in the Summer Tournament

3. The qualifications

4. The final

5. The prizes

6. The entry fee

🍦 The Summer Tournament schedule

The Summer Tournament will be held on 9-15 August in the Funbridge app.

It will be split into 2 phases:

  • Qualifications
  • Final

🤗 Participate in the Summer Tournament!

Unfortunately, it is not possible to pre-register for our big Summer Tournament.

Launch your favourite app on 9 August to enter.

Click the tile dedicated to the tournament under “Play solo” on the homepage or go to the section “Play a tournament” to start playing.

🌡️ The qualification phase

Qualifications will be taking place from Tuesday 9 to Thursday 11 August 2022.

100 tournaments of 4 deals scored by MPs will be available.

Participants will be ranked based on their top tournament. In other words, to enter the Summer Tournament rankings, each participant must play at least 1 tournament.

At the end of the qualification phase, only the players with an average score of 50% or more will qualify for the final.

🏆 The final

The final will be held from Saturday 13 to Monday 15 August.

Friday 12 August will be a day off just ahead of the final. You will have to play at least 2 tournaments to try to climb up the top steps of the podium. 8 tournaments of 4 deals will be available.

À l’issue de cette finale, le classement sera établi sur la moyenne des deux meilleurs tournois.

♦️ The prizes to win

Rank among the best!

1st: 600 Diamonds
2nd: 400 Diamonds
3rd: 300 Diamonds
4th-10th: 100 Diamonds
11th-50th: 50 Diamonds

Leave it to chance! 🤞

A special prize will be attributed to the lucky ones. Keep your fingers crossed! 50 players will be chosen at random after the tournament and receive 25 Diamonds. You may be one of them.

💸 The entry fee

Each qualification tournament of the event costs 5 Diamonds, while those of the final phase are free. That is a good reason to try to qualify and make it to the final!


We are looking forward to seeing you there!

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