Test your knowledge with Marc Kerlero!

Bid play the deal and test your knowledge with Marc Kerlero

In partnership with Bridgerama magazine, Funbridge is pleased to give you free access to a special article from the last issue. Enjoy! (Click here to print the article).

From the statement below, bid then play the deal by following Marc Kerlero‘s advice. You will be able to test your knowledge!

You are sitting South. Dealer South, N/S Vul.

♠ A Q 4 2
♥ K J 3
♦ Q 6 2
♣ K 7 2

The start of the bidding:

How do you interpret your partner’s bidding?

This sequence is game forcing, guarantees at least five Diamonds (and four Hearts to justify the Stayman) and denies a fit in Spades (with a fit you have to either bid a conventional 3♥ or use a Splinter at the four-level.)
Following the rule of the singleton, North also has shortness in a black suit (or exactly 2-4-5-2 and slam interest).
► Full explanation: 10 points.
► Part of the explanation: 5 points.

So, what’s your bid going to be?

If North has a singleton in Spades, you can play 3NT without a problem.
If his singleton is in Clubs, 3NT will be less fun – but in this case your Club King is not worth much in a Diamond contract and it is unlikely that you can win Five Diamonds if he does not have enough to bid again over 3NT.
In doubt, it’s better to play 3NT.
► 3NT: 10 points.
► 3♠: 7 points.
► 3♥: 5 points.
► 4♦: 3 points.

Everyone passes over 3NT, West starts with the Queen of Clubs and the dummy comes down:

East wins with the Ace and returns the Club eight.

What do you do at trick two?

Your contract is particularly poor and you are going to need a little help from your guardian angel.

You need to start by ducking this second round of Clubs (5 points), hoping that East has started with Ace-third and West with six of them. West wins and insists with another Club, East following with the five. You discard two Hearts from dummy.

What’s next?

Now you play a small Diamond (5 points) to the ten, Jack and King. If you wanted to play the Queen when you have neither the ten, nor at least the nine, give yourself a penalty of -5 points!
East switches to a small Heart.

What do you deduce?

That he has no more Clubs! 5 points bonus.

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