Strasbourg 2023 Big Tournament (18-24 April)

The European Transnational Bridge Championships that will be organised in June in Strasbourg, France, are fast approaching.

Be prepared to get thrilled by this major competition in the world of bridge and participate in Strasbourg 2023 Big Tournament on the Funbridge app from Tuesday 18 to Monday 24 April.

Our event is open to all and gives you a chance of winning exceptional prizes. Come pit yourself against the whole Funbridge community! Try to climb up the top steps of the podium or bet on your luck and you may win a prize. 🤩

Don’t miss this opportunity, register for Strasbourg 2023 Big Tournament now!

Let’s go!

Invitations and free accommodation to be won!

A unique event comes with unique prizes! The winners will receive invitations to the Internationaux de France and a free 3-night stay in double room in Strasbourg. 🎁

Win free accommodation and entry fee!

Excel yourself and try to reach the podium!

The top 3 players will win two invitations to the Internationaux de France including free accommodation in double room on a 4-star hotel. (*more information at the bottom of the article)


Free invitations

It is important for us that all players have their chance.

We will award one invitation to the Internationaux de France to the players ranked 4th and 5th as well as 5 players chosen at random (from among the finalists).

What is the event schedule?

The tournament is divided into 2 phases: qualifications and final.


Qualification phase

It will be held from Tuesday 18 to Thursday 20 April.

100 tournaments of 6 deals scored by MPs will be available.

The participants will be ranked based on their average scores in their top 5 tournaments.

In other words, to appear in the rankings, each participant must play at least 5 tournaments. Once the qualification phase is over, only the players with an average score of 56% or more will qualify for the final.

There won’t be any tournament on Friday 21 April. Enjoy this break and recharge your batteries to be in top shape for the big final! 🏆


Two-day big final

The final will include eight 6-deal tournaments from Saturday 22 to Monday 24 April.

The final rankings will be established based on the participants’ average scores in all 8 tournaments.

How to participate?

Each tournament of the qualification phase costs 25 Diamonds.

The tournaments of the final phase are free. 😉

This event is open to all. To participate, all you have to do is go to the Funbridge app on Tuesday 18 April 2023 and click the dedicated tile under “Play solo” on the left.

Or just click here

“There have been over 3,700 participants in Strasbourg 2023 FFB tournaments from February to April! Thank you for your participation. 🥰

We all at Funbridge are happy to organise another special event in the run-up to Strasbourg ETC that will be held in June 2023. We rely on you to meet the challenge brilliantly!

Exceptional rewards are up for grabs in this event. There will be 10 winners in total. Give your best and you may be among the lucky winners.”

Justine Mouille

Events Manager

*Room only basis. Transport not included.


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