The Spring Tournament – Try to win Diamonds

Spring is on its way. Diamonds are growing and ready to blossom for the Spring Tournament. The only person missing to pick them is you
Take part in the Diamonds harvest and try to win the equivalent of your score in Diamonds!

How to play ? 🌼

The Spring Tournament is a Funbridge Points tournament of 10 deals scored by MPs. It will run from 27 March 6am (UTC+1) to 28 March 6am.

To register now, go to:

Play a tournament > Federation Tournaments > Funbridge Points > Spring Tournament.

Participate in the Diamonds ♦ harvest!

The number of Diamonds you can win will depend on your performance. Indeed, each winner will get the equivalent of his/her score in Diamonds and will even have the chance to double or triple it!

Several options to be rewarded:

🏆 Reach the top 3

1st:  your score in Diamonds x 3
2nd:  your score in Diamonds x 2
3rd:  your score in Diamonds

🍀 Rely on luck

10 players will also be drawn by lot and receive the equivalent of their score in Diamonds!


  • Your score is 52.7%.
  • If you finish first or second, you will get 159 or 106 Diamonds respectively.
  • If you finish third or you are drawn by lot, you will get 53 Diamonds.
  • Your Funbridge account will be credited with the Diamonds won within a few days.