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Your definitions of bridge are brilliant!

We asked you on social media to answer the simple question below:

definition of bridge

Always creative, sometimes passionate, often humorous… Your many definitions of bridge show the incredible impact this card game has on your life!

“Bridge is…”

“My favourite cerebral sport !!”

schizophrene_autruche_3e on Instagram

“A great perspetive to work”

franciscoburnay on Instagram

“Bridge is my passion!!”

kickin5807 on Instagram

“A never ending fun challenge!”

aprilplaysbridge on Instagram


ms_jenine on Instagram

“The Bridge to excellence and excitement”

amirmoattar on Instagram


Nikolaj on Twitter

“To me bridge is the best social, and mental challenge because you are always learning!”

Dianne Woima on Facebook

“To me, Bridge is a wonderful card game which is both fun and competitive to play. It’s my favourite hobby.”

Tharinda Dilshan Kodikara on Facebook

“My addiction 😂”

Marion O’Dowd on Facebook

“I Love it♥️”

Ragna Olafsdottir on Facebook

“To me bridge is my best game”

Patricia Sarah Meller sur Facebook

“To me, bridge is the pinnacle of all card games; I love it!”

Cassandra White on Facebook

“All “two” gether…🌐”

David Ducoront on Facebook

“My life!”

Liz Kelly on Facebook

“The best game ever”

Laurie DaSilva on Facebook

“My brain exercise.”

Ross Stacey on Facebook


Sabine Davin on Facebook


Andre-Felix Kitrilachi DeFilvar on Facebook

“A challenge!”

Sharon Knight Schmidt and Catherine Cullinan on Facebook


Svein Erik Dahl on Facebook

“A learning threat!”

Nancy R Grote on Facebook

“To me, Bridge is a wonderful card game which is both fun and competitive to play.”

Françoise Barbarin on Facebook

“A drug”

Andreas Abragi on Facebook

“To me bridge is what keeps me sane. And sometimes insane.”

Thomas Kvist on Facebook

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