BIC World Tour – Europe Edition from 5 to 11 December

The Bridge International Championship (BIC) season continues! And for the last edition of the year 2022, we propose you to fly towards the…✈️

Bridge International Championship (BIC) World Tour – Europe Edition 🌎

from 5 to 11 December

Don’t miss this opportunity! This world event gives you the possibility to win many Diamonds and qualify for the All-Star BIC in summer 2023.

Many prizes and titles are up for grabs and everyone can participate, whatever their nationality. Challenge players from all over the globe, earn Funbridge Points and WBF Robot Bridge Points, and step onto the podium!

Let’s spice things up! As we approach the end of the year, we have decided to make the competition harder. This time, you must play at least 8 tournaments to try to qualify. 💪

Excel yourself against top players in this iconic competition!✨

Click the links below to find out more about how the BIC works and the many prizes that are up for grabs.


1. Schedule

2. How to participate

3. Qualifications

4. Final

5. Prizes and titles

6. Entry fee

When will the BIC World Tour – Europe Edition be held?

The Bridge International Championship World Tour – Europe Edition takes place from 5 to 11 December in the Funbridge app.

The tournament is split into 2 phases: the qualifications and the final.

How to participate?

All you have to do to play is go to your Funbridge app on 5 December and click the section dedicated to the tournament that can be found under “Play solo” on the left of your screen.

You can also go to the “Tournaments” section of the app to play straight away.

How does the qualification phase work?

100 tournaments of 6 deals scored by MPs will be available from Monday 5 to Thursday 8 December 2022.

A ranking list will be established based on the average score the players achieve in their top 8 tournaments.

In other words, to be listed in the BIC rankings, each participant must play at least 8 tournaments.

To qualify and make it to the BIC final, your result must be equal to or higher than 56%.

How does the final work?

Friday, day off! The final will take place from 10 to 11 December 2022 and include 8 tournaments of 6 deals scored by MPs.

You have to play 8 tournaments.

Once this threshold is reached, the results of your 8 tournaments will be used to calculate your average score and determine your ranking.

The BIC world rankings will be made available at the end of the final.

What are the prizes and titles you can win?

All players who qualify for the final phase will receive 50 Diamonds. In addition, international and national prizes are given to participants.

  • The BIC International Champion title will be awarded to the player with the top score/percentage in the BIC world rankings.
  • The Funbridge BIC National Champion title will be awarded to the players with the top score/percentage in the BIC rankings for their country.

Positions in the ranking lists after the final will determine the awarding of the International and National Champion titles.

Also win Funbridge Points and Robot Bridge Points (WBF) according to your final ranking.

Prizes dedicated to BIC International Champion

  • 1st: 5,000 Diamonds + BIC International Champion title
  • 2nd: 3,000 Diamonds
  • 3rd: 1,500 Diamonds
  • 4th-10th: 200 Diamonds
  • 11th-50th: 100 Diamonds

Rank among the top 50 players and win your seat to the All-Star BIC next summer (2023).

  • 51st-100th: 50 Diamonds

Prizes decicated to BIC National Champion

1st national player: 1,000 Diamonds + BIC National Champion

2nd national player: 800 Diamonds

3rd national player: 500 Diamonds

The national rankings per country will be available provided that there are at least 10 players.

How much is the entry fee?

Each tournament of the qualification phase costs 25 Diamonds.

Tournaments of the final phase are free.

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