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Diamonds Funbridge Anniversary

“Diamonds” is the name given to the virtual currency used on Funbridge. Diamonds give you access to: Federation tournaments Play official tournaments licensed by NBOs (ACBL, NBB, EBU …), earn masterpoints and move up your national rankings as if you were playing in your club. Funbridge Points tournaments Earn Funbridge Points and enter the rankings of the same name. This is perfect to see how you compare to other players…

The Sunday Night Question – Wilfried Libbrecht

Free bridge article by Wilfried Libbrecht

In partnership with Bridgerama+ magazine, Funbridge is pleased to give you free access to an article from the last issue. Enjoy! (Click here to print the article). This Sunday evening, when she gave me the details of a training session, Isabelle told me how her teammate Stella, a little newbie, misdefended a hand. The latter is sixteen years young and still lacks experience. Isabelle: “Stella led the Heart 7 for…

Your 2021 Year in Figures

funbridge 2021 infographic

Like every year, the yearly Funbridge infographic is out! Find out more about how many people play on Funbridge, their favourite game modes, the most active countries and much more. Enjoy reading it! What do you think about it? Feel free to tell us what you think of this infographic in the comments section below and to share it with your bridge friends on social networks!

Funbridge 2021 Highlights

funbridge 2021 highlights

In order to better serve your needs and meet your expectations, 2021 has seen enhancements, new features, new game modes and many other improvements. Let’s look back at 2021! – January – Zia’s club is back – February – New partner federation – March – First BIC of the year – April – New Happy Hours tournaments – May – First Ambassadors’ tournament – June – Video is coming to…

New game mode: Pairs tournaments

Many of you asked for it… Well, your wish is granted: you can now play pairs tournaments on Funbridge! This new multiplayer game mode allows you to invite a human partner or our artificial intelligence “Argine” to face other pairs and fight for victory. All you need to play is a Funbridge Premium subscription or enough deals on your Funbridge account. How to play a pairs tournament? Select the game…

New game options available!

feel zen play bridge

We are committed to doing everything we can to meet your expectations in terms of user-friendliness and accessibility. New game options are now available on Funbridge, on computers only (coming soon on smartphone and tablet): Cards with big symbols With this new deck, the suit and value of the cards are larger. To try it out, open Funbridge from a computer then go to “Settings ⚙️” > “Game table, display and ergonomics”, then…

Free bridge magazine! Discover Bridgerama+

Bridgerama Plus US

Bridge reference magazines Bridgerama and BeBRIDGE are merging to become BRIDGERAMA+! Read articles written by the authors behind the success of Bridgerama (Michel Bessis, Philippe Cronier, Norbert Lébely…) as well as new columns by Mark Horton, Larry Cohen, Marc Smith et Andrew Robson among others. BRIDGERAMA+ On any device 12 issues per year (1 more than Bridgerama) 28 pages per issue (8 more than Bridgerama)

Let’s bid partner! By Nicolas Lhuissier

free article lets bid partner nicolas lhuissier

After a minor-suit transfer. Holding a long minor opposite a 1NT opening, responder uses a transfer in order to let the strong hand become declarer. But once opener has executed the transfer, he must further specify his hand. In particular, he shows his singleton at the three-level in order to see if it’s indicated to play either Three No-trump or game (or even slam!) in the minor. That way, opener will sometimes…

4 tips to help make your life easier!

Funbridge for web browsers

After looking at the improvements recently brought to Funbridge for web browsers to play from a desktop, today we are sharing some tips to save time and enhance your user experience! Open Funbridge in 1 click To open Funbridge in one click, you can create an internet shortcut on your desktop. Follow this link for instructions. Add Funbridge to your favourites If you prefer having a link to Funbridge at…