A look back at the Biarritz bridge festival

This year the Biarritz bridge festival took place from 29th June to 10th July in the prestigious casino.

Over the years this festival has been emulated. And this year especially it broke all the records and became the top bridge festival in France.

This is a nice achievement for this festival which included a varied entertainment programme with a Basque buffet and a smoothie bike, among other things. In a nutshell, an unprecedented atmosphere, great prizes and a magnificent view!

There was also a top match between Zia Mahmood playing with his son and the children of national champions Michel Duguet and Jérôme Rombaut. By the way, these 4 champions regularly play on Funbridge!

Makes you want to take part in this festival? Mark your calendars for the next edition of the Biarritz bridge festival that will be held from 2nd to 13th July 2019!

Here are the results:


Mixed Pairs in 3 sessions, 166 pairs (28 pairs more compared to 2017)

1st Anne-Laure Huberschwiller and Jérôme Rombaut 63.16%

2nd Solange d’Elbée and Roland Agenes 61.62%

3rd Véronique Bessis and Jérémie Tignel 61.19%


Tournoi Basque in 1 session, 194 pairs (16 pairs more compared to 2017)

1st François Crozet and Remy Barrier 70.77%

2nd Sophie Dauvergne and Rokia Poizat 70.33%

3rd Dohann Bouman and Tim Van den Bos 66.35%


Patton in 3 sessions, 78 teams (12 teams more compared to 2017)

1st De Botton – Malinoski – Townsend – Hoftaniska

2nd Garcia – Galinsky – Counil – Desmoulins

3rd Ward Platt – Bompis – Fonteneau – Rombaut


Open Pairs in 3 sessions, 243 pairs (47 pairs more compared to 2017)

1st Philippe Toffier and Laurent Servais 61.67%

2nd Nicolas Lhuissier and Stéphane Garcia  61.07%

3rd Michel Bessis and Bernard Cabanes 60.68%


IMP Pairs in 2 sessions, 118 pairs (16 pairs more compared to 2017)

1st Nicolas Lhuissier and Jérôme Rombaut  +139 IMP

2nd Sabine Rolland and Frédéric Sarian +126 IMP

3rd Michèle Vitetta and Edouard Beauvillain +121 IMP