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Elimination tournament: and the winner is…


The « Back to Bridge » elimination tournament is now over!
More than 2,400 players from all over the world took part in it and we would like to thank them all and congratulate them for their participation.

The overall winner of the tournament is…

Jérôme Mourot1S

He won the final over Jalbi with a score of 52% vs. 48% and thus won the iPad Mini!
Jalbi didn’t leave empty-handed since he won a free 1-year subscription to FunBridge with unlimited deals worthing 89€. Congratulations to both players!

We would also like to congratulate:

The players who finished 3rd and 4th and won a 1-year subscription with unlimited deals worthing 89€,

The quarter-finalists who won a 6-month subscription with unlimited deals worthing 59€,

The players qualified for the round of 16 who won a 3-month subscription with unlimited deals worthing 35€,

The players qualified for the round of 32 who won a 1-month subscription with unlimited deals worthing 12€.

There’s a rumour going round that a new elimination tournament would currently be in preparation… Stay tuned!


Replay the final and compare yourself to both finalists!

To do this, go to Open tournaments in your FunBridge software and select «Back to Bridge Tournament – The final».

Will you perform better than Jérôme Mourot and Jalbi?


– 2,405 players entered the tournament including 36 Elite players, 446 Series 1 players, 555 Series 2 players, 707 Series 3 players, 494 Series 4 players, 51 non-ranked players and 116 new players.

– The player with a positive handicap who went furthest in this tournament is timfamgirl (7.385% handicap). She reached the 5th round. Congratulations!

– Here are the different scores of Jérôme Mourot, our overall winner, in the whole tournament:

Scores of Jérôme Mourot
1st roundAutomatically qualified
2nd round72%
3rd round70%
4th round56%
5th round68%
6th round56%
Round of 6462%
Round of 3254%
Round of 1664%