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Available soon in your Funbridge application…


[EDIT] : This update is available on the App Store and Google Play since Tuesday 22 April.

A new version of your Funbridge application will soon be available via the Apple Store and the Play Store.

Its main new feature is the addition of new result windows at the end of the deal full of new information and analyses on the way you play.
These new windows will be available for the following game modes: series tournaments, tournaments of the day and practice tournaments.

You will be notified by email and will receive a notification via the application when this new version will become available.

Find out more about the new result window without further delay!


This information will help you determine your position in the tournament quickly:
– The deal number, the contract made and the deal result.
– Your score (in % or IMP) and your rank among other players on the deal and in the ongoing tournament.
The contracts most played by the other players on the same deal.
A “Deal ranking” button allowing you to access ranking per participant and contract or to filter by friends.

The maximum contract shows the highest contract you could make without East-West being able to prevent you from doing so. This maximum contract is theoretical because it would mean that opponents always lead and defend in the best way. Therefore it is possible to make better contracts in reality. It just means that opponents could have prevented you from doing so by playing perfectly.

Argine, our game engine (the artificial intelligence playing with you) will analyse your bids at the beginning of the deal and will point out your mistakes.


Other new features will come in addition to these new result windows in the coming weeks.

Already there is talk of a game mode allowing you to challenge our game engine Argine or even a challenge mode in which you could randomly challenge another Funbridge player of your level!

Meanwhile, enjoy playing tournaments on Funbridge!

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I have paid for full year and now to new version keeps freezing on iPad. Waste of money. Only got 10 months to go and I will poss change sites

Camilla Haslum
Camilla Haslum

Hi, I am having trouble downloading the latest version. After clicking the “update” in Google Play it just seems to try to install the update forever – several days. In the end it just stops and nothing has changed.

I have downloaded updates several times before without having any trouble. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4.


Same Problem as Mike: since the download of the new version it is impossible to click anything on the Ipad. It seems to freeze the last image….


Thanks for the tipps. I deleted the app and downloaded it again, but unfortunately ist did not help.


Please communicate with me
My support ticket is


awaiting reply Support Ticket 9kGwP5722 xn

Sam G
Sam G

Web site keeps freezing up What to do?