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Argine, the artificial intelligence of Funbridge evolves


Many of you know Argine as the Queen of Clubs found on French playing cards. Would you believe that Argine is also the name given by the experts of the Funbridge Team (including Jérôme Rombaut) to the game engine (aka artificial intelligence) with which you play every day?

For more than two years now (since October 2012), Argine has been present in the application for smartphones, tablets, Mac and in the software for Windows computers. It has never stopped evolving from that date (with one version every 10 days).

Further trying to be as close as possible to human behaviour, Argine now celebrates its 200th version!

In this new version, game speed has been improved by nearly 20%, both at bidding and card play.

Have fun playing tournaments with Argine!

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I cannot live without Argine.Most grateful.