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Series Tournaments are available from the button "Playing in my serie" of the homepage of the Funbridge software.
You can access to it from the button "Play bridge" of this same page too.

Each serie tournament is on 4 deals and 100 serie tournaments are available by 15 days.
The ranking calculated on series tournament is the ranking per pair.
The 15-day periods ranging from 1st to 15th of each month, and from the 16th at the end of each month.
You can rank in the series thanks to Funbridge tournament series.
In series tournament, you are compared to other players of your serie and therefore your level.
The series on Funbridge are on the same principle as those of the French Bridge Federation but there is no link between the two.

There are 20 Funbridge series, the highest, the Elite series, the lowest, the series 4Club:
Elite, 1Spade, 1Heart, 1Diamond, 1Club, 2NT, 2Spade, 2Heart, 2Diamond, 2Club, 3NT, 3Spade, 3Heart, 3Diamond, 3Club, 4NT, 4Spade, 4Heart, 4Diamond, 4Club.

The distribution of all players in the 20 series are based on a percentage except for the Elite series, the number of players is fixed and defined at 50 players and the 1Spade serie where the number of players is fixed and defined at 150 players:
1 1 1 2NT 2 2 2 2 3NT 3 3 3 3 4NT 4 4 4 4
1 1,2 1,4 1,6 2 2,4 2,9 3,5 4,5 5,5 6 7,5 9 10 10,1 10,2 10,5 10,7

To theses 20 series are added 2 series:
- New players: this is the serie where you are when you begin on Funbridge.
- Non premium : this is the serie of non premium players.

At the end of each period, we calculate the series. You can move up to a higher serie, move down or be held in your serie at each end of period.

How to being moved down to a lower serie:
- Do not play the minimum number of tournaments required to be ranked:
To be ranked, you have to play at least 5 tournaments series on the current period. As long as you have not played 5 tournaments, you are not ranked (noted NC) in your series.
Any Premium player who did not play 5 tournaments in his series during the current period goes down in the lower group.
- Have a low ranking: the number of players who are downgraded from a series is equal to 20% of the number of players in this serie.
Example: if you are in 4Spade et there are 100 players in this serie. At the end of the period, 20 players will be moved down from the 4Spade serie to the 4Heart serie.

How to being held in your serie:
- Have played the minimum number of tournaments required to be classified (5 in all series except Elite Series where 25 series tournaments are required to be classified)
- Do not be classified in the last 20% (of the total number of players in the series) of your serie.
- Special case: a player Premium during the whole the period and who does not connect to Funbridge during this one doesn't move down of series (except for the Elite series). Players in this situation are not counted in the 20% of players who go down.

How to being moved up to a higher serie::
- Having played the minimum number of tournaments required to qualify for the rise of series (25 except in 4Club serie, Not premium serie, and new players serie where only 5 tournaments are enough)
- Have a nice ranking: the number of players moving up to the upper serie is equal to 20% of the number of players in this upper serie.
Example: you are in 4Heart and there are 100 players in 4Spade serie: 20 players will move from 4Heart to 4Spade.

Of couse, you can not move down from 4Club serie, or move up from Elite serie.

A new player on Funbridge is ranked in the New Players serie. He will be moved in a real serie (1Spade for the best) function of his ranking in this serie at the end of the period if he has played at least 5 series tournaments.

Not Premium players (expired subscription) are automatically moved to Not Premium serie at the end of the period. If a Non Premium member in the Not Premium serie who subscribe, will moved to a real serie function of his ranking at the end of the period like he was in New players serie.

Awards :
A bonus system rewards players who have played the highest number of competition tournaments. For each 10 tournaments played, the 2 tournaments getting the worst percentage are not count. (Example: the 4 worst among your 20 tournaments and not the 2 worst among the first 10 tournaments and the 2 worst among the following 10 tournaments)
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