Presentation of Funbridge

At the end of each deal you will get a temporary ranking pending the attribution of your final ranking. You can now see all the players who played that same tournament deal, grouped by contract. You can filter the results by categories such as players, friends, Elite players or watch the result of your series or level.

Check and replay
On the screen of the last deal played, before moving to the next tournament deal, you can check your bids and your play or the play of other players. You can also play the last deal again in order to practise, but the new result will not be taken into account.

Tournaments of series
Depending on their results, players are classified in 20 series from 4 clubs to 1 no trumps the series we call "Elite". By playing the tournaments of your series, your percentage evolve. Thus every 15 days, the bottom 20% of the players of every series' rank is downgraded and replaced by the top 20% of the series's rank below.
Example : 2 Hearts series includes 1000 players and the superior series (2 spades) includes 600 players. 200 players are downgraded to 2 Hearts (20% of 1000) whereas 120 players go up to 2 Spades (20% of 600).
Notice that only series tournaments are taken into account in calculation of your ranking.
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Open tournaments
Open tournaments are limited in time so that, in most cases, participants may play the same deal at the same time.
Private or public, classic or Sit'n go, in IMP or by pair, in 2, 10 or 24 deals : these are the parameters that the creator of the tournament can set.

And even more...
Community tools allow each member to progress with the help of others. You can comment each deal played, discuss about each completed tournament via the chat. If you wish to consult bridge players on a particular matter, the forum addicts are ready to give you a hand and debate on it.


A play

System requirements

  • An IBM compatible PC with a Pentium II processor or equivalent
  • Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, XP, NT4, Vista or 7
  • At least 256 Mo RAM, 512 Mo recommended
  • Permanent Internet connexion
  • A monitor with a minimum resolution of 800*600, 1024*768 recommended
  • 50 Mo free disk space
  • A keyboard and a mouse