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 mark adams

Inscrit le 18/01/2012
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Posté le  28/01/2012 à 06:17:21      Sujet : The Pub

The robots play better than tehy bid.  How about improving the bidding.  For example holding a 5sp/4h  the bots will leave you stuck in the heartsmon a bid of 1s /1n /2h /pass holding 2 small of both majors.  There are numerours bidding quirks by the bots thad could be improved.

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Inscrit le 05/02/2007
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Localisation : Rignano Flaminio (RM)
Posté le  28/01/2012 à 17:48:18      Sujet : The Pub

Couldn't agree more! Some bids are driving me crazy! I sometimes think they are made on purpose to send you down the drain!!  

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 hegel o6 , holger

Inscrit le 03/10/2010
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Localisation : hannover
Posté le  04/02/2012 à 14:38:00      Sujet : The Pub

Hoirrible is the use of doubles. you cant risk a  penalty double the engine always runs out. Very ridicolus if you
double for 4 hearts for double your p passes and his companion bids 5 clubs he runs out in 5 hearts !!!
Seriuos weaknes. Signaling is a miracle for them! J A C K the dutch engine does this much better.

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 Equipe FunBridge

Inscrit le 27/12/2005
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Localisation : Hem
Posté le  20/02/2012 à 09:36:12      Sujet : The Pub

Hi Hegel,

We guess our Funbridge engine is not perfect.
That's the reason why you can report evident bidding problem by saving the deal in a .pbn file and submit it to us with few explanations here:
Note that we are still working on it despite we are working on a new bridge engine called Argine.

Why we are working on a new engine?
Because Funbridge engine is a derivative of WBridge5 engine which is the best bridge engine in the world (it wins the World Computer Bridge Championships) but it was developed to play with itself not with humans (in North).
That's the reason why we started to develop Funbridge engine.
As not the original creators of this engine, our changes have big impacts in the way it plays. That is why we prefer to start again a new engine, Argine, we have a better control on its code and its behavior..


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