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Funbridge allows you to play bridge deals on Mac, smartphones and tablets (iPhone, iPad, Android) and compare yourself with hundreds of other players over the same deals. Compare your bids and card play with many other players, rank yourself and make rapid progress.

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  • You play wherever and whenever you like
  • You can interrupt a game to resume it later
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  • Daily tournaments (more than 1,000 players every day)
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  • Series tournaments allowing you to compare yourself with players of your level

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  • Series ranking
  • Watch again/replay a deal
  • Access to bidding and card play details

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World Bridge Championships 2017 in Lyon

Lyon to become the world capital of bridge in 2017 Lyon will host the next 2017 World Bridge Championships organised by the French Bridge Federation (the second-largest federation after the USA) and the World Bridge Federation. The Championships will be held at the Cité Centre de Congrès of Lyon from 12th to 26th August 2017. For the first time in this competition, all age groups will be represented, from school…


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2015 Team Championship: results of Quarter 3

Quarter 3 of the 2015 Team Championship ended on 17 September, making way for the fourth and final quarter of the Championship. The Champion Team will be known only after this final quarter and medal winners will be known on 3 December! Meanwhile, here are the teams on the podium of each division at the end of Quarter 3: EXTRACT FROM GENERAL RANKING PER DIVISION DIVISION 1 DIVISION 2 DIVISION…


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Update of your application

Presentation of the new features of your app An update of your application is now available! To update it, simply go to your favourite application store App Store or Google Play. Find out more about its new features below: Settings The “My account” window has been completely redesigned in this new version. Easier to read and understand, it will allow you to set your game parameters (your bidding system e.g.)…


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Looking back on the victory of the French Girls Team at the European Youth Team Championships held in Tromsø

This year, the European Youth Team Championships took place in Tromsø, Norway, from 18th to 25th July. The French Girls Team, led by Jérôme Rombaut, managed to retain its European crown and so celebrates its second title win. We may recall that the “Ladies” also won the World Championships in the period in between the European events! Jérôme Rombaut goes back over the Tromsø Championships. Our group was made up…


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