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Funbridge in a few words

Funbridge allows you to play bridge deals on Mac, smartphones and tablets (iPhone, iPad, Android) and compare yourself with hundreds of other players over the same deals. Compare your bids and card play with many other players, rank yourself and make rapid progress.

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Everyone to his pace

  • You play wherever and whenever you like
  • You can interrupt a game to resume it later
  • Available 24/24

Everyone to his tournament

  • Daily tournaments (more than 1,000 players every day)
  • Practice tournaments
  • Series tournaments allowing you to compare yourself with players of your level

And much more...

  • Series ranking
  • Watch again/replay a deal
  • Access to bidding and card play details

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Discover the brand new Funbridge Quiz 2!

*You save 12% – Offer valid until 31/05/2015 - Following the success of the first version of Funbridge Quiz (over 9,000 downloads) and your numerous requests, the Funbridge Team is proud and glad to present you Funbridge Quiz 2, available now! Come and test your level of bridge thanks to 500 new quizzes broken into the following themes: Find the right bid Which bid are you going to make on…


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3 new languages available!

3 new languages have been added to your Funbridge application: German, Swedish and Danish. These 3 languages come in addition to the 6 languages already available: French, English, Polish, Dutch, Italian and Spanish. To change the app language, you only need to update your application (via the App Store or Google Play), which will then automatically switch to your device language. For example, if your smartphone is in German, until now, your Funbridge language was…


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Available soon in your Funbridge application…

[EDIT] : This update is available on the App Store and Google Play since Tuesday 22 April. A new version of your Funbridge application will soon be available via the Apple Store and the Play Store. Its main new feature is the addition of new result windows at the end of the deal full of new information and analyses on the way you play. These new windows will be available for…


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2015 Team Championship: end of Quarter 1 and results

Quarter 1 of the 2015 Team Championship has just ended. Find out more about the teams which finished on the podium of each division without further delay: EXTRACT FROM GENERAL RANKING PER DIVISION DIVISION 1 DIVISION 2 DIVISION 3 DIVISION 4 1 – Poland 5 2 – Rock Attitude 3 – Normale View more 1 – Magics Blaireaux 2 – Morbihan 3- Lacanaille De Lacanau View more 1 – Pourquoi…


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